Choi Ji Woo Confirms for New Drama “Temptation,” 11-Year Reunion with Kwon Sang Woo

On June 9, YG Entertainment announced that actress Choi Ji Woo has been confirmed for the new SBS drama “Temptation,” and will be playing the female lead role, Yoo Se Young, alongside actor Kwon Sang Woo.

“Temptation” is a melodrama about the love stories of two men and two women that unfold after a man who, cornered by life, is made an offer he can’t refuse and makes a decision that he can’t ever take back.

Choi Ji Woo plays Yoo Se Young, a woman taught from a young age to be the heir of her father’s company. She meets Kwon Sang Woo and his wife while on a business trip in Hong Kong, where she offers them a deal that will change their lives: to pay him for his body in the amount of his enormous debt. This was the role previously turned down by actress Lee Mi Yeon.

This is Choi Ji Woo’s first drama in nine months since SBS’ “The Suspicious Housekeeper” last year. It will also be the actress’s 11-year on-screen reunion with Kwon Sang Woo since they starred together in SBS’ “Stairway to Heaven.”

“Temptation” will air following the end of the current Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger.”