Main Poster and Teaser Video Released for Lee Jun Ki’s Next Drama “The Joseon Gunman”

The official poster and teaser video for Lee Jun Ki‘s upcoming drama project “The Joseon Gunman” were finally released with only a few days until the drama premiere.

The main poster only depicts Lee Jun Ki, who will be playing the main character of the historical drama. He will portray Park Yoon Gang, the last swordsman of Joseon who had to give up his sword and pick up a gun.

The teaser video shows Lee Jun Ki in an intense action sequence, dueling another swordsman with his gun.

“The Joseon Gunman” is the much-anticipated summer blockbuster drama from KBS. Under the direction of Kim Jung Min, known for directing “The Princess’ Man,” “The Joseon Gunman” is said to boast beautiful cinematography and a captivating story. It will air its first episode on KBS this coming June 25.

Check out the main poster and the teaser video below. 

Joseon Gunman