BEAST Teases with MV Stills for Pre-Release Ballad Track “No More”

BEAST has uploaded a new teaser for their pre-release ballad track “No More” through their official Facebook account!

The teaser is in the form of an image collage, showing each member’s image through what looks like their individual Instagram accounts. It also shows the music video’s lead actress, Lee Yoo Bi, looking at her phone, presumably scrolling through these pictures. Through these “Instagram” photos and their captions, bits and pieces of the lyrics of “No More” are revealed.

“No More” is composed by Kim Tae Joo and BEAST member Yong Junhyung. It will be released June 10 0:00AM, six days before BEAST’s full album is out. Check out their audio teaser for the album here if you haven’t already.

beast no more stills