Yeo Jin Goo and C-Clown’s Ray Receive Presidential Badges

Actor Yeo Jin Goo and C-Clown‘s Ray both received Presidential Badges on South Korea’s Memorial Day. 

At the Memorial Day ceremony taking place at the Seoul National Cemetery, C-Clown’s Ray received a “Korea Tree” badge from President Park Geun Hye in honor of his grandfather, a veteran and patriot of the Korean War. The badge is meant to honor and recognize people who sacrificed and contributed to the country. 


Ray commented through his Twitter that day, “Today is such an unforgettable day in my life. I received a badge from the President. It was an exciting and emotional day. The day is hot, just like my heart right now.”

Yeo Jin Goo was also given the “Korea Tree” badge. He and Ray were among the five people chosen as national representatives to receive the badge. The other recipients were Song Shin Nam, a gold medalist in ping pong for the Special Olympics, entrepenuer Kim Young Suk, and Jang Mi Ran, Olympic gold medalist in weightlifting.

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