Leessang and “Running Man” Gary Is a Hot Hallyu Star

Rapper Gary of the hip-hop duo Leessang, was able to experience the hot “Running Man” effect. The fan meeting was as hot as actor Kim Soo Hyun’s, proving Gary’s popular overseas.

According a Chinese CFP, a fan meeting was held at a big shopping mall in Hong Kong and Gary was able to meet his fans there. The first and second floor of the mall was filled with fans that wanted to see Gary.

When Gary walked on stage, the fans, mainly girls, screamed out loud. They reacted to his every word and every movement. Before appearing on stage, Gary learned how to say “Hello” and “I Love You” in Cantonese, repaying back the love he received from his fans. Gary even walked down the stage, towards the crowd and took a picture with them.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s “Gary Effect” was shown on June 7 at the airport. Many fans heard about Gary’s schedule and in order to meet him, they appeared at the airport. The airport was filled with fans and reporters, as if an idol group or a hallyu star arrived. Many female fans tried to catch Gary’s attention by wearing animal costumes or holding signs that said, “I Want You Gary,” and “Flower Boy Gary.”

Through SBS’s “Running Man,” Gary gained many Chinese fans. When Gary’s new song, “Your Scent,” which featured Jung In, was released on May 27, the song was placed first the next day on China’s popular SNS, Weibo.