Kang Ji Young May Return as an Actress in Japan

Kang Ji Young, one of the former member of the girl group Kara, has been gaining a lot of attention as news regarding her performing activities as an actress in Japan has been spreading around.

On June 10, Japanese “Women Weekly,” said, “Kara’s Kang Ji Young left to London last April after leaving the group. She is currently discussing with the Japanese agency, ‘Sweet Power’ about contracting with them.”

“Sweet Power” is a very significant company as they specialize in recruiting Japanese female actresses. Japanese actresses such as, Meisa Kuroki and Maki Horikita, have a contract with them. Korean actress Kim Tae Hee has a promotional contract with them as well.

Japanese “Women Weekly” revealed that, “Before this, Kang Ji Young dreamed of being an actress and the president of ‘Sweet Power’ flew all the way to London to meet her so that he can give her advice about her future plans. It’s a possibility that Kang Ji Young will return to her fans as an actress.”

Meanwhile, in 2008, Kang Ji Young joined Kara with Goo Hara and gained a lot of popularity.

However, after her contract with DSP Media ended in April, she decided not to renew the contract and flew to London.

During January, Nicole left the group as well, and currently, Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Goo Hara are the three members that are left. 

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