“The Joseon Gunman” Reveals a Couple Poster of Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi

The Joseon Gunman revealed a shocking couple poster of Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Miincreasing audience anticipation for the drama.

“The Joseon Gunman” is the upcoming KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, which just revealed a couple poster of Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi on June 10 after releasing the solo poster of Lee Jun Ki.

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are reuniting as a couple on screen after seven years. However, different from what was expected, the poster portrays rough and desperate emotions.

The end of the Joseon period is a turbulent time as the conservative forces and the youth that dream of enlightenment collide. The poster contains the phrase “I will definitely protect you,” depicting Park Yoon Kang (Lee Jun Ki), the gunman that says he will protect his lover, and Jung Soo In (Nam Sang Mi), the gunman’s woman. Both characters will be central in the vortex of a grand destiny.

The design team “Shining” created the posters for “The Joseon Gunman” with their unique feel after having made posters for hit movies such as “The Face Reader” and “Crying Man.” The team is laboring to create the best posters in order to meet expectations, bringing attention to themselves with their elaborate efforts.

Park Shi Young, who worked on the posters, stated the intention of the poster, saying, “Let’s do an image of a differentiated couple with a trembling romance. We wanted to express a couple with deep and passionate love for each other that underwent a turbulent era together.”

He continued, “We requested the actors to wear rough makeup and for them to act earnestly with a reed field as the backdrop, so filming could not have been easy. However, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi went above our expectations with their level of immersion and chemistry. Isn’t this a couple of fantasy?” he asked while showing off his immense satisfaction with the poster.

The first episode of “The Joseon Gunman” airs June 25.



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