Lee Seung Gi Injured, “You’re All Surrounded” Stops Filming, Episode 10 Broadcast Delayed

Actor Lee Seung Gi was injured during the early morning of June 9 while filming an action scene for his SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, “You’re All Surrounded.” His eye was stabbed by a prop knife being used at the time. 

Lee Seung Gi was immediately taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with anterior corneal damage and bleeding within the eye. It is reported that while Lee Seung Gi wanted to immediately return to filming after emergency treatment, the doctors advised him to stay at the hospital for further examination. Since the eye is a sensitive area, the doctors have told Lee Seung Gi that he needs absolute rest for a full recovery; otherwise, there may be more damage.

Because Lee Seung Gi plays a major role in the drama and is needed for many scenes, the filming of “You’re All Surrounded” is currently on hold. With the filming happening closely to each episode airing, it has become necessary to broadcast a special episode on Wednesday, June 11, instead of the regularly scheduled episode 10. Episode 10 will then air the following day, Thursday, June 12.

Hope he gets well soon! Wishing Lee Seung Gi a fast and safe recovery!

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