Kim Kang Hyun from “Man from the Stars” to Appear in a Chinese Movie

Actor Kim Kang Hyun, who’s famous for his role as Jun Ji Hyun’s manager in the popular drama, “Man From the Stars” will appear in a Chinese movie.

Through his unique speech, he was able to act out as Jun Ji Hyun’s manager and it landed him a role in a Chinese movie.

An official from his agency said, “This is the first time Kim Kang Hyun will be acting in a Chinese movie. He departed during May and is planning on coming back during June. The production company hasn’t revealed the official title or the storyline yet so it’s hard to reveal any detailed information. However, he is planning on meeting his fans through good projects.”

Kim Kang Hyun, who has been known as the “scene stealer,” is a veteran in the musical industry. He has 10 years experience and debuted in 2000 through a musical called, “Bachelor Party.”

Through the movie, “Temperature of Love,” he showed a comedic yet friendly image, making himself known among the viewers. Afterwards, he became Jun Ji Hyun’s manager in the popular drama, “Man From the Stars.” Afterwards, he appeared in “Emergency Couple” and “You’re Surrounded” with cameo roles.

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