After School’s Nana Shows Her Innocent Beauty in

After School’s Nana showed her innocent charm in latest issue of “High Cut” magazine.

On June 5, through the style magazine, “High Cut,” a charming photo was revealed where she stepped over the boundary of a girl and a woman. Nana, who resembles a Barbie doll, showed her perfect face and body figure. In the picture, she is seen wearing a crop top with shorts, showing off her bodyline. For this photo shoot, Nana is wearing a stylish designer purse.

Through SBS’s “Roommate,” Nana is showing a cute yet tough charm. Although there is an age gap between Nana, actress Hong Soo Hyun and model Lee Sora, there was a reason why she was able to become friends with them so fast.

When Nana was asked regarding this, she answered, “When it comes to girls, I become close with them fast, regardless of their age. Sora, Soo Hyun and Bom made me feel comfortable so I was able to be playful with them easily. When it comes to guys, it takes me a while for me to become close with them but with Sae Ho and Dong Wook, they treated me comfortably by playing jokes with me so we became close quick.”

She shared her thoughts about what she thought of herself on the show by saying, “I saw the first episode and I was really ugly. I might look natural without any make-up on but it’s not pretty.”

Recently, Nana revealed that she really wanted to get married and shared her thoughts about her ideal marriage. She said, “When I was younger, I wanted to live alone but as I see happy families, my mind changed. I think it’ll be nice to have the wedding at an outdoor pool so that it’ll be remembered for a long time. I would wear a bikini instead of a wedding dress and the dress code for the guests will be swimsuits.”

Nana also explained her past experience of having a nervous breakdown when appearing on a variety show. She said, “All this time, I wasn’t able to comfortably say the things I wanted to say on variety shows because of the image that I was stuck with. I don’t think there was a time where I showed the viewers my true personality. My personality changed a lot through Orange Caramel. Since the songs and the performances are bright and happy, I received that energy, which changed me into a more positive person.”

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