Jessica Disapproves of Krystal’s Taste for “Bad Boys”

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal revealed their ideal guys.

On June 10, OnStyle’s variety program, “Jessica & Krystal” was aired where both girls were sitting on the balcony of a café and sharing their deep thoughts regarding each other’s ideal types.

The younger sister Krystal revealed that, “My type is someone like the actor Johnny Depp. In the past, Johnny Depp dated Kate Moss and I want to be just like that couple.”

Jessica listened to this and explained that, “If you bring someone like Johnny Depp as your boyfriend, I’m going to be against it. I’m sure you will know soon that people like that are no good.”

Jessica continued on by saying, “It’s because you sort of have a rebellious characteristic. Why do you have so many things you’re discontent about? You can just meet someone who has good manners.”

However, Krystal pointed out that the standard of having good manners is different for everyone.

Jessica expressed her worries by saying, “But isn’t there a guy who is automatically seen as a ‘bad guy’ no matter who sees him? You show interest, especially towards those kinds of people.”

Meanwhile, “Jessica & Krystal” is a 10 episode variety show that shows the daily life of the sisters.