Behind the Scene Cuts of VIXX’s “Eternity” MV Revealed

The behind the scene cuts of VIXX’s “Eternity” music video has been revealed.

On June 10, VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment, revealed the pictures that were taken during the shoot on VIXX’s official café.

In the music video of “Eternity,” the members were wearing various styles and colors of suits, which caught the eyes of the viewers. This idol group is known for their average height being 183 cm and because of their tall height, they looked especially good in the suits.

After releasing their fourth single album “Eternity,” the boys have been busy with different activities. On June 19 and 20, they will be having their first solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Park, Olympic Hall. The name of the concert will be “VIXX Live Fantasia HEX SIGN.”