Exciting Preview for the “Idol Futsal World Cup” Is Out!

MBC has finally released a video preview for the broadcast of the “Idol Futsal World Cup.” This sporting event is a special program from MBC to support the Korean team in the upcoming 2014 Brazil World Cup. The preview shows idol athletes competing energetically in futsal, sharing in both the up and downs of scoring and giving up a goal. The show looks to be exciting!

Over 100 celebrities participated in the “Idol Futsal World Cup,” including members from BEAST, Infinite, EXO, ZE:A, miss A, SISTAR, Nine Muses, After School, Secret, Rainbow, K-Much, Teen Top, U-KISS, Block B, VIXX, GOT7, and Boys Republic. TV personalities Kim Heung Kook, Sam Hammington, Ricky Kim, and Fabian, actors Lee Wan, Yoon Gun, Lee Sang In, Kim Bo Sung and more also took park in the games.

As previously announced, the “Idol Futsal World Cup” airs June 12, 11PM, a day before the commencement of the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

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