BEAST Relives High School Memories and Introduces their Funny Friends in “Showtime”

BEAST goes down memory lane and remembers their high school days with their funny friends on the June 11 episode of “Showtime — Burning the Beast.”

On Episode 7 of the show, the boys of BEAST called up their funny friends to join them in the show and had a “revelation war” witth them.

Yang Yoseob‘s friend Jo Kyu Shik showed a photo of himself together with Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob taken when they were in their third year of high school. The representative “small-faced artist” of the entertainment world, Yang Yoseob boasted about his small face in the photo.

Yang Yoseob is not the only one with the popular “small face” that is perceived as beautiful in Korea. During the paper game, Lee Kikwang’s friend, Seo Kyeong Jong, found himself complaining about his friend’s small face. “Why is your face so small? How can it be this small?,” his friend said with a sigh.

See more of the boys and their friends on the special “Funny Friends” Episode of “Showtime — Burning the BEAST” which airs tonight, June 11, 6 p.m. (KST) at MBC Every1.