Tahiti Makes Comeback with “Oppa Is Mine” MV, feat. 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon

Girl group Tahiti has officially made their comeback with the release of “Oppa Is Mine” and the song’s music video. This is the group’s first comeback with new member Jerry, who is taking the place of old member Jung Bin, who withdrew from the group due to health issues.

The “Oppa Is Mine” music video is fun and lighthearted, featuring comedian Han Min Kwan and 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon. It was revealed that Han Min Kwan and Jung Jin Woon both made their appearances in the video with no monetary guarantee. Jung Jin Woon, especially, the same age and cousin of Tahiti member Miso, readily agreed to appear in the music video. 

While Han Min Kwan previously appeared in the teaser video for the song, the full music video is the first time Jung Jin Woon makes an appearance. Watch the music video below!