SISTAR’s Dasom Isn’t Satisfied with Her Acting

Dasom, a member of the girl group SISTAR, recently revealed her thoughts on her performance as an actor as KBS 1TV’s daily drama, “Melody of Love,” whiched ended on June 6.

On June 11, Dasom sat down with Starnews and expressed her thoughts about meeting her fans as an actor instead of as an idol singer.

In “Melody of Love,” Dasom played the role of Gong Deul Im. Gong Deul Im is an aspiring musical actor who dreams of being on stage one day despite of being the “ugly duckling” within her family.

Dasom began this drama during November of last year with people judging her as an “idol actor.” Recently, many idols have taken up acting and although they are acting well in the parts they are given, the viewers have a mindset that idols can’t act.

Regarding this mindset, Dasom expressed her thoughts and said, “When I started ‘Melody of Love’ with people looking at me as an idol actor, it’s true that it was burdening. Through this drama, I don’t think I broke that mindset about idol singers acting. My acting lacks a lot of things.”

Dasom talked about what she thought about her acting by saying, “When I watch ‘Melody of Love’ and watch how I act, there wasn’t a time where I thought I acted well. I usually think ‘I could’ve done better and it’s too bad that I couldn’t.’ At the end of the day, I was filled with regret.”

She continued on by saying, “I like acting and I wanted to do it so I decided to do it. I don’t know what the viewers think of my acting. Of course, it’s not possible for everyone to like the way I act. However, I’m doing it because I like it and even if they have that mindset, I hope they’ll see me in a good light.”

Dasom also said, “Melody of Love’ is the first drama where I was the main character. Rather than being complimented for acting well, I want people to acknowledge that I did my best.”

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