Jung Kyung Ho Is Asked to Choose Between Choi Yeo Jin and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

“Is it going to be your girlfriend Sooyoung or your colleague, Choi Yeo Jin?”

On June 11, the first episode of SBS’s new variety show, “Law of the City in New York,” was aired and actor Kim Sung Soo called actress Choi Yeo Jin, whom he’s close with.

Kim Sung Soo asked Choi Yeo Jin, “Do you know Jung Kyung Ho? What do you think about him?” Choi Yeo Jin answered with, “I know him. We acted together in the drama, ‘I’m Sorry, I Love you.’ I love you Kyung Ho,” surprising everyone on set.

Kim Sung Soo continued the conversation by saying, “You know that Kyung Ho has a girlfriend, right? You know which group his girlfriend is in, right?” Choi Yeo Jin answered by saying, “Yes, I know. Aren’t I better (than Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung)?” making everyone laugh.

Kim Sung Soo didn’t stop there. He told Kim Kyung Ho to choose between his girlfriend, Sooyoung, and his colleague, Choi Yeo Jin.

He asked, “Who do you like better?” and Jung Kyung Ho answered by saying, “I like both of them.” Jung Kyung Ho greeted Choi Yeo Jin by saying, “It’s been a while noona.” Hearing this, Choi Yeo Jin said, “Why are you calling me noona? Just act comfortably. Don’t draw the line just because I’m older than you.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, Moon of Royal Pirates, Ailee, and John Park visit an unfamiliar city, this time New York, penniless, and try to survive. This variety show contains the members’ laughter and a touching drama of the growth of each member. It airs every Wednesday at 11:05PM on SBS.

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