Simon D Apologizes for His Behavior on Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Radio Show

Hip-hop artists Simon D (aka Simon Dominic) has officially apologized for his behavior on the June 11 broadcast of Girls’ Generation member Sunny’s radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date.”

Simon D wrote on his Twitter on June 12, “I sincerely apologize for my bad attitude on Sunny’s FM Date yesterday.” He explained, “I was not drunk. It was my fault for regarding the broadcast too casually. From now on, I will engage in broadcasts politely and humbly. I am sorry.”

After the June 11 broadcast of “Sunny’s FM Date,” in which he was a guest, Simon D came under fire for his perceived lack of manners and judgement. In the earlier part of the broadcast, Simon D had responded to Sunny’s question on how he had been doing by saying, “I drank myself ill for the past two days and came here after being bedridden. That is why my face is red right now. I came to see our Sunny but…”

In another part of the broadcast while everyone was discussing relationship skills and whether love can only be expressed through the heart, Simon D had commented, “Expressing through the heart is also a type of skill. Using the body is also…Is this too r-rated? Using the body is also a skill.” Sunny tried to tone down the conversation by saying, “Adolescents are listening too… You’re talking about walking side by side, hand in hand, right?” Simon D responded, “Yes…One also knows how to peck and kiss….”

Also later on in the show, Simon D had joked that he was here to hit on Sunny, saying, “I’m exaggerating because this is a broadcast. If I am gentle and calm like I am normally, it would be boring. Since I am here for a broadcast and you [Sunny] are here…I am here to hit on you. I am here to date.”

While it is difficult to determine just through the written word of Simon D’s conversation on whether his behavior deserved reprimand, it seems some listeners were unhappy with his overall behavior on the show, leading the show’s production team and Simon D to apologize. A rep of the radio show also apologized and added, “There will never be this kind of behavior on the show from now on. We will continue to work hard and improve.”