“The Joseon Gunman” Releases Second Video Teaser and Character Posters

The Joseon Gunman,” starring Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi, recently revealed their second teaser. Adding on to the first teaser that was released, which showed mostly glimpses of actions scenes by Lee Jun Ki, the second teaser introduces some new players to the game, as well as some chase scenes that will no doubt leave viewers on the edges of their seats.

In the teaser, we hear Lee Jun Ki say, “There is no weapon in Joseon that can defeat the gun.” Another tells him, “Let go of your sword, or die with it,” expressing the fact that Lee Jun Ki’s character, master swordsman Park Yoon Kang, has no choice but to take up guns.

The characters introduced in this teaser are Park Jin Han (Choi Jae Sung), Choi Hye Won (Jeon Hye Bin), Kim Ho Kyung (Han Ju Wan), and Choi Won Shin (Yoo Oh Sung).

“The Joseon Gunman” airs on June 25.

Watch both teasers and check out the individual character posters below!

“The Joseon Gunman” Reveals a Couple Poster of Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi

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