Baek Ji Young Admits She Is the Same Age as Yeo Jin Goo’s Mother

Popular ballad singer Baek Ji Young admitted that she is the same age as Yeo Jin Goo’s mother. Yeo Jin Goo stars in her latest music video for her single “Still In Love.

On the June 11 broadcast of MBC talk show “Radio Star,” Baek Ji Young revealed that she is very thankful that Yeo Jin Goo continued to call her “noona” even though she is the same age as the 16-year-old actor’s mother. 

During the talk show, when asked about casting Yeo Jin Goo in her music video for “Still In Love,” she said that she did not know that the talented actor was only 16 years old. (Birthday: August 13, 1997; Korean age: 18)

According to Baek Ji Young, when she asked Yeo Jin Goo if he knew how old she was, Yeo Jin Goo’s manager told them that “Baek Ji Young is the same age as Jin Goo’s mom.” Even when Baek Ji Young told Yeo Jin Goo to call her “auntie,” he continued to call her “noona,” Baek Ji Young humorously described Yeo Jin Goo as a polite and sensible young man. 

Check out Baek Ji Young’s music video for “Still In Love” starring Yeo Jin Goo below.