INFINITE’s Sungyeol Transforms Into an Emotional Drummer for “High School: Love On”

New stills of Lee Sungyeol, the main character of the upcoming drama, “High School: Love On,” were revealed on June 12. He is seen playing the drums with eyes full of emotion.

Lee Sungyeol is the main character of KBS 2TV’s upcoming fantasy youth romance “High School: Love On,” where he plays the character Hwang Sung Yeol. In the stills revealed on June 12, he is seen with an uninterested and cold look, showing his chic charm, and many are wondering how this rookie actor will further portray his character Hwang Sung Yeol.

During filming, the staff on the set complimented him for his advanced drumming performance and he even received a round of applause from the staff.

Lee Sungyeol’s character Hwang Sung Yeol has excellent grades and has many different talents. However, as his father remarries, a stepmother enters his life, which leads him to become rebellion. Since he doesn’t express his emotions well, it makes him look cold, but on the inside, he has a warm and fragile heart.

“High School: Love On” is a story about an angel who becomes a human after saving a male student who was in danger. It’s a fantasy youth romance drama that tells the story of the angel and the innocent, passionate teenagers who experience love and growth. It has a total of 20 episodes and the first episode will be aired on June 27.