History Releases Two Member Teaser Images for Upcoming Album “Desire”

Five-member boy group History has released two eye-catching images for its upcoming album, “Desire,” showing members Kim Sihyoung and Jang Yijeong.

History is releasing an album for the first time in seven months, and this new album promises to show a new side and transformation of History. The title track of “Desire” will be “Psycho,” foreshadowing a powerful and mysterious song and concept. The teaser images preview a bit of that new concept, showing Kim Sihyoung in cornrows and piercings and Jang Yijeong looking like he is straining against the chains and his binding leather jacket.

“Psycho” is composed by Lee Min Soo and east4A with lyrics by Kim Yi Na. “Desire” drops June 23.