“High School King” Actors Promise to Fulfill Pledges If Viewership Ratings Exceed 3%

Actors Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Lee Yeol Eum recently shared individual pledges they promised to fulfill if the viewership ratings for “High School King” exceeded three percent. 

Before the first episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “High School King” airs, the lead actors took proof shots of their individual pledges to promote viewership ratings earlier that morning on June 16. 

In the photos, the actors hold up a drawing pad with their pledges written on them. Seo In Guk’s notepad read, “If we get over 3% viewership ratings, the actors will gift their own cherished items.” Seo In Guk had also previously mentioned this pledge earlier at the press conference for “High School King.” Lee Ha Na had written, “If the viewership ratings pass 3%, I will record a cute song with Seo In Guk for the fans to listen to.” Lee Yeol Eum had written, “If viewership ratings go over 3%, I will send out handwritten letters and homemade cookies to everyone. “ On Lee Soo Hyuk’s notepad, he wrote, “If the viewership ratings pass 5%, I will do anything for you.” 

“High School King” premieres June 16. It airs every Monday and Tuesday night at 11 PM on tvN.