17 Ways K-Pop Will Change Your Life Forever

There comes a time when there’s just no turning back. You can try to escape it, but in the end, your life will, invariably, be changed forever. By K-POP. Here’s how.

jun2yng is a Soompi editorial intern for whom it is just too late.

You will never look at the opposite sex the same way again.


No abs, no boyfriend.


No abs, no girlfriend.


Nothing looks weird to you anymore.



When Dracula hair was a thing…

It was never a thing…


You’ve seen it all. Cannot be fazed.


Quiz: Which G-Dragon Outfit Are You?

Random English that makes no sense no longer bothers you. It is just the way.

 No longer will you be saying, “If you wanna pretty,” you’ll be saying, “I wanna pretty.”

You now have a million more reasons your (home)work can wait until tomorrow. Game over. Don’t even. Thanks EXO. Thanks miss A.

 exo miss a

Sorry Dad…

miss a

You have no idea what is going on in Western pop culture. Who’s this?

All I know is that Liam Payne kind of looks like Lee Min Ho in this picture. Yes, I had to look up his name. I hope that’s his name. 😛

one direction


Jay Park is the most Western artist you know.

jay park

Your wardrobe will always seem oh so plain and inadequate.

g-dragon taeyang
G-Dragon and Taeyang with Lily Allen

You have newfound dreams of becoming a singer/dancer.

emma stone

Your idea of a great night is staying in and watching your favorite idol-ridden variety shows scrolling down your K-Pop dominated Tumblr dashboard.

kpop tumblr


You involuntarily sigh when you watch TV, wondering why there are no variety shows in the U.S.

running man

You don’t know why, but you crave chicken and beer when it snows. Odd.

man from the stars

Your friends who don’t like K-Pop will be dead to you. Really.


Emergency? Is there a fire? NO PROBLEM. Do like T.O.P and keep calm, just a boom shakalaka. Laka.


You scoff when they play Gangnam Style. All you basic people. Ignorant of the vast world that is K-Pop.



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