Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Lee Yoo Bi Have a “Brotherly” Relationship

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed a selfie he took with the actress Lee Yoo Bi.

On June 15, Kim Heechul uploaded the photo on his Instagram with a message that said, “Do you remember Young Soo from ‘Golden Bride’ from seven years ago? I acted as senior Kyeon Mi Ri’s son.”

Continuing on, he explained, “After that, we’ve kept contact with each other and I was introduced to a nice and cute little sister. Lee Yoo Bi and I have a brotherly (?) relationship [sic]. If Taeyeon is the scary little sister and Sulli is the cute little sister, then Yoo Bi is like the brotherly little sister.”

Kim Heechul ended the post by saying, “It’s been seven years since ‘Golden Bride.’ Let’s listen to ‘Seven Years of Love’ sung by Kyuhyun. #Leeyoobi #Youngsoo #Starcraft

In the picture that he revealed, Kim Heechul and Lee Yoo Bi are seen taking a photo close to each other and shyly smiling at the camera. He revealed that through Lee Yoo Bi’s mother, Kyeon Mi Ri, he was introduced and their friendship began.