[Exclusive] Fiestar and The Friends “I Love Korea” Press Conference + World Cup “We Are the Reds” CD Giveaway!

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We previously reported that girl group Fiestar and project group The Friends filmed the music video for the latter’s song “I Love Korea,” which is for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, and held a press conference prior to the filming. (Go to the next page for the interview!)

The Friends consists of ballad singers 015B’s Lee Jang Woo and Jo Sung Min, along with TOY’s guest member Kim Hyung Joong. “I Love Korea” is composed by Kim Hyung Joong while he and Lee Jang Woo worked on the lyrics.

The track will be included in the official “We Are the Reds: Red Devils” 5th album. It contains a total of ten tracks and features a range of artists including Ailee, Jung Joon Young, Tiny-G, DickPunks, Girl’s Day‘s Minah and more.

Also, we got some CDs personally signed by The Friends to give away, so make sure to participate!

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By the way, did you see the music video yet?



Q: Fiestar, how do you feel working with the seniors in The Friends?
Fiestar: First off, we’re rookies so we were very nervous and worried a lot working with super seniors, but we were able to have a fun time filming because they were very warm-hearted and helped us a lot.  Also, we learned a lot from watching them filming their parts. “Ah, we can do it this way” and “Oh, so we can do it that way.” This is our second day of filming. As it’s tiring filming back to back, we should have given our seniors strength, but they personally gave us sausages while saying, “Eat this and gather strength!” We were touched by their small gestures [throughout the filming].
Jo Sung Min: Kim Hyung Joon bought the sausages. But the truth is that I gave him the money. *laugh*

Q: This song is dedicated to the Taeguk Warriors. Do you have a particular player you’re cheering for? Please send a message to the player.
The Friends: When writing the song, we didn’t think of just cheering on the Taeguk Warriors. Although the World Cup is right around the corner, there are a lot of hardships and there are many people going through hard times. We wanted to write a song where people can get strength when listening, with the mind of dedicating the song to the Korean people who are going through a hard time that they shouldn’t forget their pride.. And when I go abroad, I really experienced that our people are somewhat confident and have much pride. Because a lot of our juniors are promoting really hard abroad, we have a lot of pride as seniors.


Q: Do the members of Fiestar have a favorite player?
Yeji: I’m a fan of Park Ji Sung and even signed up for his fanclub, but heard that he got married. It would be great if he lived a happy life. However, I heard that he recently retired. Yea.. retired.. he’s a player I really like. *laugh* Once a Taeguk Warrior, the person is always a Taeguk Warrior!

Q: What is Fiestar’s role for this music video?
Fiestar: There’s a segment where we’ll become cheerleaders in the music video. Our role is to cheer behind The Friends seniors, and we plan to show a sexy performance.


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