Mystic89 Unveils First Artist for Its Global Project, Kelly

Agency Mystic89 announced a new musical project yesterday, called ‘The First Global Project of Mystic89,” keeping details under wraps. Today, it finally announced the first artist lined up for its global project, being none other then Chinese Canadian singer and actress Kelly

Kelly is active in China and is currently preparing her debut album. She received training at Mystic89 last year, leading to her participation in this global project. Kelly is described as a multi-talented entertainer who not only play several instruments (acoustic and electric guitar and the piano), but can also compose, sing, and act.

Kelly is also 2PM‘s Nichkhun‘s leading lady in the Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer.”

A video teaser will be out later today, and the full project will be unveiled June 20.

mystic89 global project kelly