Sentimental R&B Hip-Hop Duo Untouchable Releases Teaser for Comeback

The R&B hip-hop duo Untouchable has released the teaser of their upcoming album “Take-Out,” announcing their official comeback.

The duo’s agency TS Entertainment, released the teaser on June 17 on their official Facebook page and their fan café. Many are anticipating whether the duo will be able to continue the popularity of the hip-hop genre.

In the teaser that was released, Sleepy is seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt while D. Action is seen wearing a shirt with a tropical print. Also, the duo’s official comeback date, June 24, has been revealed in the teaser, raising the expectations of hip-hop fans.

“Take-Out” has Untouchable’s style of hip-hop beat with a mix of R&B, creating a unique groove. The duo is also part of the producing team “Star Track,” who has created various hit songs like Secret’s “Magic,” “Madonna” and B.A.P’s “Power” and “One Shot.”

Also, Mason the Soul, who has been gaining a lot of attention underground, will be featuring on their album. The quality of the album will rise as Untouchable’s sentimental rapping and Mason the Soul’s unique voice will be mixed in together.

According to TS Entertainment, they said, “Unlike the album they released in November of last year, this album is filled with a different vibe. They are planning on meeting their fans with a high quality album that will shake the heart of women with their sentimental rapping skills.”

Meanwhile, Untouchable debuted in 2008 and released many hit songs like “Living in the Heart,” “Oh,” “Give My All,” and “Vain.”