A Luxurious Poster of the Upcoming Show “Entertain Us” with Yoon Jong Shin and Teen Top Revealed

Mnet’s upcoming show “Entertain Us” has been gaining a lot of attention with the news of the singer Yoon Jong Shin and the idol group Teen Top meeting together. On June 16, a luxurious poster for the show was revealed, where other singers, who are contracted under MYSTIC89, are seen dressed up.

The show is about Yoon Jong Shin being the producer for Teen Top and helping the boys be on the top of the music industry. With this in mind, the poster was shot with a luxurious concept as the background.

Within the poster, producer Yoon Jong Shin is seen sitting in the middle while the members of Teen Top are sitting on either side of him.

Along with the members of Teen Top, singers Park Ji Yoon and Lim Kim are seen wearing a white, elegant dress. Jo Jung Chi and Muzie are in the poster as well, raising the curiosity of how they will play a part in this show.

The first episode will be aired on July 11.