Lee Hye Young Takes a Couple Trip with Go So Young and Jang Dong Gun

Actress Lee Hye Young uploaded photos of the trip she took with Jang Dong Gun and his wife Go So Young.

Lee Hye Young uploaded the photos on her Instagram on June 14 with a message saying, “Squeezed in for the picture. Pretty couple.”

In the pictures, it seems like the couple and Lee Hae Young are at a foreign restaurant. Go So Young and Jang Dong Gun are smiling brightly towards the camera while Lee Hae Young strikes a goofy pose next to them.

Also, Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young are seen wearing comfortable couple outfits.

Lee Hae Young also uploaded a group photo including Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young, and Lee Hae Young and her husband. She also wrote a message saying, “A couple trip. Nice,” and revealed that the couple trip took place in France.

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