GOT7 Chases Around “A” in New Video Teaser

GOT7 has released music video teaser for their new track, “A“! They’ve only been releasing individual member teasers so far, but this video shows the whole group together, following the mysterious “A” through a supermarket. You can check out JB‘s teaser here and Mark‘s teaser here.

The group’s second mini album title track, “A,” is an energetic, uptempo R&B song mixed with a hip hop rhythm, and is composed by Park Jin Young.

Their agency, JYP Entertainment, stated, “GOT7 are returning with a more mature and improved album since their debut album that was released earlier this year in January. Please look forward to their future promotions.”

GOT7 is holding a showcase for “A” release today, June 18, and will be releasing the album and music video of “A” on June 23. The boys will have their first TV comeback stage on “M!Countdown” on June 19.