Jung Joon Young Set to Show His Past, Present, and Future with New Mini Album “Teenager”

Rocker Jung Joon Young is back with his second mini album! The announcement of the singer’s forthcoming musical release was made along with a image teaser.

Titled “Teenager,” Jung Joon Young’s second mini album will be released June 26. It has already been eight months since his first min album released this past October. This mini album contains songs all composed by Jung Joon Young.The artist took part in setting the album concept and jacket design, as well as a producer. The image teaser shows the artist looking youthful, mischievous, and slightly rebellious as a teenage would. 

The theme of the album is “the adult who dreams” and containing Jung Joon Young’s wish for people who are exhausted by the world to start dreaming again. The album will show the past, present, and future of Jung Joon Young, according to CJ E&M, showing “everything of Jung Joon Young.”

“Teenager” drops June 26.

Jung Joon Young teenage teaser image