Hwayobi Will Be Making a Comeback This Fall

The queen of R&B Hwayobi will be making a comeback this fall. It has been four years since she released her last album.

Recently, in order to fulfill the music style she wanted to pursue, she changed her agency. She decided to make a comeback this fall and in order to do that, she gathered a high-class staff that will help her work on her full-length album.

Curiosity Studio Label revealed that, “We are currently working on a R&B and Pop song that will meet the fan’s expectations. It has been a while since Hwayobi released an album and we are planning on releasing music that only Hwayobi can sing and that’s most like Hwayobi.”

Continuing on, they said, “She will begin her activities at the same time her album is released. She is planning on holding a concert and doing many activities for the fans that have been waiting for her music. There has been talk about casting Hwayobi for an end of the year concert.”

Meanwhile, before the release of her album, she will be collaborating with a talented hip-hop musician during July, raising the expectations of many fans.