Past Photos of Lee Kwang Soo’s Fit Body Revealed, Now Has a ‘Grandpa’ Body?

Past photos of actor Lee Kwang Soo with a fit and muscular body have been unveiled.

The June 18 broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment” showed an interview with the cast of the upcoming movie “Good Friends,” Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Sung, and Lee Kwang Soo.

During the interview, Ji Sung threw a straightforward question to Lee Kwang Soo, “Do you think you are good looking?” To this, Lee Kwang Soo answered confidently, “Honestly speaking, I think I’m good looking.”

Joo Ji Hoon, who was listening to this exchange said to Lee Kwang Soo, “Didn’t you have a really fit body during your model days? You even had abs.” This is when the picture of the actor’s toned figure was revealed to viewers.

However, Lee Kwang Soo caused everyone to laugh when he confessed, “Now, I have a grandpa body so I’ve started working out again.” lee kwang soo