BEAST Teases Fans with “Goodluck” Album Photoshoot BTS

On June 18, CUBE Entertainment released on their official YouTube channel a behind the scenes video taken from the album jacket photoshoot of BEAST for the group’s upcoming sixth mini album, “Good Luck.”

“It’s been one year since we’ve greeted you at our (album) jacket photoshoot,” the youngest member of the group, Son Dongwoon, said to the camera.

According to Dongwoon, the album will have two versions–a white and a black version. The white version gives off a pure, princely image for the group, while the black version will give off a dark feel.

In the first location of the photoshoot for the white version of the album, the boys all looked fresh and clean in pure white clothing. For their solo shots, all the boys were shown to have had their photoshoot on the bed with fluffy white sheets and giving off their best dreamy look aside from Lee Kikwang who hammed it up for the camera with a just-woke-up look while holding a guitar. The group shot had all six boys squeezed themselves in one bench where they took smiling and happy photos.

The boys then moved to the second location wherein they were dressed again in white and fresh-looking clothing set against a colorful background to give off a playful image, according to Lee Kikwang. The boys were shot individually and in pairs and generally gave off a friendly, playful feel. Viewers can also see how playful the boys are during the shoot as Yong Junhyung and Lee Kikwang played at the game station at the venue, Yoon Doojoon joked with the staff while filming, and Son Dongwoon asked to have his photo taken with the adorable cat at the studio.

During the photoshoot, their song “Good Luck” was played in the background, giving viewers a preview of what to expect in the group’s comeback.