Actress Nam Sang Mi Says Lee Jun Ki Is Cuter Now Than He Was 7 Years Ago

Actress Nam Sang Mi revealed her feelings about seeing Lee Jun Ki after seven years.

On June 19, at the press conference for KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Joseon Gunman,” Nam Sang Mi commented on what it’s like to work with Lee Jun Ki again, after such a long time.

The actress shared, “[Lee Jun Ki] has gotten cuter since I saw him 7 years ago. Back then, we were both so busy with our own acting but now, he jokes around a lot. We’ve becomes like siblings. We’re having fun filming together.”

After seven years has passed since Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi acted together in the drama “Time Between Dog and Wolf,” they’ve reunited for “The Joseon Gunman.”

Following the end of “Golden Cross,” this new drama will begin airing on June 25 on KBS.

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi (2007)