B1A4 Confirms Mid-July Comeback!

Joining the already exciting and impressive July comeback lineup is another powerful group. Get ready, because B1A4 has officially set their next comeback for mid-July! Although a specific date has not been confirmed yet, there is a strong possibility that they will be coming back at the same time as Girl’s Day.

B1A4 plans to release their new song around the middle of July and aim to take over the summer market. The group won first place two weeks in a row on music programs including KBS’ “Music Bank” and others, with “Lonely,” which they released earlier this year.

The members of B1A4 have been shooting to popularity and receiving a lot of interest from the public. The summer season is a time of the year when a number of mega hits are created without fail. Fans are curious as to whether B1A4, a group that has always boasted exceptional musical capabilities with their own compositions, will be able to produce one of these hit songs.

Also, individual members have been gaining recognition in different areas. Baro has been actively participating in dramas, such as “Reply 1994” and “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” as well as variety programs including “Infinity Challenge.” Sandeul was recognized for his singing abilities on “Immortal Song,” while Jinyoung has earned the spotlight as one of the next generation of musicians with his well-received self-composed tracks.

It has not yet been revealed who wrote their new song, but it has been reported that the group will be attempting something completely different from anything that currently exists.

Are you looking forward to B1A4’s upcoming comeback?