The “gunman” couple of Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are becoming a hot topic before the premiere of The Joseon Gunman,” which revealed numerous photos of the couple together.

“The Joseon Gunman” is the upcoming KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that airs its first episode on June 25. The drama bills itself as an “emotional action romance,” and it raising anticipation for the special romance it will display. This drama has the Enlightenment period as its narrative background, and one of the focal points of the drama is the love story between the couple that dream of the new world.

Lee Jun Ki is happy whenever he is on the filming set. That joy comes from the intense focus the general public is giving to “The Joseon Gunman” and from filming the drama together with Nam Sang Mi, who he is comfortable with.

Lee Jun Ki stated “I really didn’t need any time to get accustomed with Nam Sang Mi. We’ve had a connection seven years ago, so I was comfortable and able to immerse myself in the drama right away. Our chemistry together is truly the best. We prepare for every filming session together. It’s not a work place with her, but more like a playground, so I am able to film with joy and happiness.”

Yoon Kang and Soo In’s melodramatic story is also done together. Lee Jun Ki stated with confidence that “The many lovable episodes of Yoon Kang and Soo In will make the viewers’ hearts flutter and cause them to be anxious. Of course there are ordeals. The Enlightenment period itself was a time of chaos. We will dramatically portray the feelings of happiness and sadness, love and separation that the young couple of Yoon Kang and Soo In have through this narrative background.”

Nam Sang Mi, who knew through intuition that “The Joseon Gunman” would be a great work after reading the script, stated “More than anything, the melodramatic romance between Yoon Kang and Soo In will strongly reel people in. The bickering and affability in the love process between Yoon Kang and Soo In during the beginning of the drama is akin to a smile to the viewers. Perhaps there will be many people who reminisce of their first love. However, after that, the drama is sad and emotional enough to make you cry. Please watch to see how these two maintain their love as they endure this historical maelstrom.”

On the set, Nam Sang Mi calls Lee Jun Ki “orabeoni (the equivalent of “oppa” during the Joseon period.)” Nam Sang Mi showed off her endless faith in her partner by saying “Our mood together is really great, seeing as we have a comfortable relationship as if we were siblings. Lee Jun Ki really takes care of me. We add this feeling to our acting, creating an incredible synergy.” 



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