T-ara’s Hyomin Is a Femme Fatale for “Arena Homme Plus”

With her solo debut pending in the near future, T-ara member Hyomin recently took part in a sexy pictorial for “Arena Homme Plus” magazine. 

On June 21, the fashion magazine released photos from Hyomin’s shoot. For the concept of the pictorial, Hyomin took on various bold and sizzling summer looks with sweat-drenched shirts and a red bustier. 

According to the staff on the set of the shoot, even though the shoot took place outdoors in the cold, Hyomin consistently kept the atmosphere lighthearted from start to finish. In an interview that took place the same day, Hyomin was asked, “How do you want to change?” She replied, “I’m actually extroverted, but now I’m becoming more introverted. I want to overcome this situation and regain confidence. So I dream of being bolder.” 

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