Chu Sarang Meets Cute Piglets on “Superman Returns”

Pictures of Chu Sung Hoon’s adorable daughter Chu Sarang, eating samgyubsal has been revealed.

In the recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang visited a farm.

In order to escape the busy city life, Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang visited a farm to experience nature. In this episode, Chu Sarang became a pig-holic. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the piglets as their hips rocked back and forth when they walked around. While she was spectating the “pig race,” she tapped the pig’s hips up to the finish line. Then, she said, “The pig is hurt~” expressing her worries towards the pigs. The people around couldn’t help but smile at Chu Sarang’s caring heart towards the pigs.

However, she showed another side of herself towards the pigs. She was excited when food was placed in front of her. As Chu Sarang was eating various foods made with pork, Chu Sung Hoon told her, “This is from the pig before~.”

Forgetting the fact that she was worried about the pigs before, she smiled widely as she continuously ate the delicious food. This episode of “Superman Returns” will be aired on June 22.

chu sarang_superman returns