It’s Time for Summer Love for KARA in “Secret Love”

Catch the KARA girls falling in love in the five-part television miniseries, “Secret Love.”

The pilot story, “Bucket List Number 13” aired on June 13 featuring Goo Hara and Kim Young Kwang. Hara plays an average, girl-next-door too shy to confess her feelings to a guy she’s liked for years. She, however, discovers that she is terminally ill and that her days are numbered. With nothing to lose but time, she creates a bucket list of everything she wants to accomplish in her last three months. Her brave, but comic adventures escalate to a whole new level when she rescues Kim Young Kwang from drowning himself in the ocean.

 The next four stories, spanning out in eight more episodes, will feature Nicole, Ji Young, Seung Yeon, and Gyuri in their romantic, bittersweet encounters with Lee Kwang Soo, Bae Soo BinYeon Woo Jin, and Ji Chang Ok, respectively. The third episode will air on June 27, each forthcoming episode released every week.

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