Taeyang vs Taeyang vs BEAST: Taeyang Wins Inkigayo with “Eyes, Nose, Lips” + Performances

It was a rare week of runner ups for this week’s SBS’ “Inkigayo,” with Taeyang vs Taeyang vs BEAST.

Taeyang held up two songs for first place battle: title track “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and “1AM.” BEAST once again showed their popularity with ballads by putting up their “Good Luck” album pre-release track, “No More” for first place competition.

Ultimately, Taeyang came out on top with “Eyes, Nose, Lips, winning no.1 for June 22. Congrats!

BEAST also held their special comeback stage for “Good Luck” this week, performing the title track of the same name and the song “We Up.” AOA also held their comeback stage with “Fantasy” and title track “Short Hair.” GOT7 cameback with “Good Night” and title track “A.”

Cherry Filter, J-min, San E and Raina, and Mamamoo were also performers to look out for this week with their comebacks and debuts.

The total list of performers are Taeyang, BEAST, GOT7, AOA, Infinite, ZE:A, VIXX, Jun Hyo Sung, Cherry Filter, Boyfriend, J-Min, San E and Raina, History, Mamamoo, M.Pire, and Megan Lee.

Also of interest to many viewers was the appearance of Baekhyun after it was revealed he was dating Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. He is an MC for Inkigayo along with EXO teammate Suho, actress Lee Yoo Bi, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

Taeyang winning

Taeyang “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

BEAST interview


BEAST “Good Luck”

AOA “Fantasy”

AOA “Short Hair”

GOT7 “Goodnight”

GOT7 “A”

Infinite “Last Romeo”

ZE:A “Breathe”

VIXX “Eternity”

Jun Hyo Sung “Goodnight Kiss”

Cherry Filter “Andromeda”

Boyfriend “Obsession”

San E and Raina “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Mamamoo “Mr. Ambiguous”

History “Psycho”

J-Min “After”

M.Pire “Rumor”

Megan Lee “8dayz”

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