Jung Yong Hwa Celebrates Birthday with Fans and CNBLUE Members

Happy birthday, Jung Yong Hwa!

The CNBLUE leader, guitarist, and vocal celebrates his 26th birthday (Korean reckoning) today! He was born June 22, 1989.

The idol/actor uploaded a picture of himself holding a cake onto his Twitter account. He wrote, “Thank you ~~~~~ !!!!!!! It’s a happy birthday ~~~~~ !!!!”

jung yong hwa

Label-mate, AOA‘s Jimin also left a video message for Jung Yong Hwa per tradition of the company for artists to give each other birthday messages in a relay. She wishes him a happy birthday and thanks him for taking care of AOA.

Jung Yong Hwa celebrated his birthday with fans and fellow CNBLUE members at the group’s Busan concert yesterday. It was part of the tour “2014 CNLBUE Live- Can’t Stop.” Busan is Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun’s hometown, and the group returned to Busan for a concert for the first time in four years. They filled the 3500 seats of the concert hall, singing 24 songs. There was also time to celebrate Jung Yong Hwa’s birthday with a cake during the concert.





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CNBLUE will continue their concert tour, moving on China in July. Before, drummer Kang Min Hyuk celebrates his June birthday on the 28th. 


Jung Yong Hwa is set to start filming his new drama, “The Three Musketeers,” which is set to air in August.

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