Jung Joon Young and Younha Are a Couple for Sure Magazine

A pictorials of singers Jung Joon Young and Younha, who are known to be close friends, have been revealed by Sure magazine.

The two singers did a couple photo shoot for the July edition of Sure magazine.

For this photo shoot, Jung Joon Young and Younha were seen carefully asking for each other’s opinions since they were so different from each other. However, as the song “Just the Way You Are” played, they assured that they were good friends when it came to being partners musically. The two singers first met on Mnet’s “Superstar K4” and became close friends. They recently released a duet track “Just the Way You Are.”

Recently, Younha wrapped up her concert, “Secret Garden,” and expressed that, “These days, people are really fun.” She explained the connection she had with her fans and how she was now certain about which road she would take as a musician. Younha must have been tired from her long concert but despite of that, whenever she wore an outfit for the photo shoot, she received compliments from the staff about how pretty she looked.

Jung Joon Young has been busy preparing for his new album “Teenager” but despite his busyness, he appeared in the studio with a carefree expression. He was able to create a lively atmosphere within the studio as he introduced his pet to the staff.

Jung Joon Young revealed that, “These days, I’ve been really interested in piano songs. From now on, I want to try being in charge of the preparation of the album and the concert.”

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