Dal Shabet’s Subin Has Been Released From the Hospital

Last month, Dal Shabet’s Subin was involved in a car accident, which caused her to be hospitalized.

On June 23, her agency Happy Face Entertainment informed Starnews that, “Subin has been released from the Seoul Gangnam hospital.”

Currently, in order for her injuries to heal, she is using crutches. The agency was notified that Subin’s release date was one to two weeks ago but the agency requested that they wanted her to be completely stable so she has continuously been receiving treatments at the hospital.

An official explained Subin’s current condition by saying, “She’s gotten a lot better. She has recovered up to the point where she’s able to come the agency. Subin has the desire to write songs so she’s been working on songs when she can.”

They addressed the issue regarding Dal Shabet’s delay of their comeback and said, “We’re preparing a new album that’s planned to be released this fall. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”