Brian, 4Minute’s Gayoon and Other Stars Return to School for jTBC Show

Fly to the Sky’s Brian and 4Minute star Gayoon will take part in a new school-themed entertainment show for jTBC, entitled “I’m Going to School.” The show will also feature actor Sung Dong Il, Koyote member Kim Jong Min, rock veteran Yoon Do Hyun and model Hye Park, as well as other stars of Korean entertainment.

Shooting has already begun on the project, which will see the stars go back to high school to see how they fare if asked to attend lessons and school activities.

Many students from high schools in in Seoul have already taken to social networking sites to report sightings of the stars wearing school uniform. “My heart fluttered when I saw Gayoon wearing our school uniform,” posted one student.

The celebrities began shooting on June 23. They will continue to film their adventures at school until June 28, and the first episode of “I’m Going to School” is set to air on July 12.