“The Joseon Gunman” Actress Nam Sang Mi on How Lee Jun Ki Has Changed after 7 Years

On June 24, the cast of “The Joseon Gunman” got together for an interview, where actresses Nam Sang Mi and Jeon Hye Bin talked a little bit about their costar Lee Jun Ki. Nam Sang Mi said, “Lee Jun Ki is a lot more at ease compared to seven years ago. He’s really good at taking the lead.”

She continued, “One thing that I’ve really noticed is that he’s a lot brighter now. And although he’s finished his military service, he’s become a lot more gentle and smooth.”

Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are making their seven-year on screen reunion with “The Joseon Gunman,” after they starred together in 2007’s “Time Between Dog and Wolf.”

Jeon Hye Bin, for whom this is her first time working with Lee Jun Ki, also spoke about the actor. She said, “At first, because he’s so friendly, like a neighborhood friend, I questioned whether he would have any presence as an actor. However, when we started filming, his face immediately changed and he really fell into his role. It was impressive.” She joked, saying, “I feel like I’ve chosen a good actor to piggyback on.” 

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