Kim Tae Woo to Join “Law of the Jungle” in Solomon, Along with EXO’s Tao, The Grace’s Dana, and More

On June 25, singer Kim Tae Woo confirmed his decision to join the cast of SBS’ variety program “Law of the Jungle” in Solomon.

In addition to Kim Tae Woo, EXO’s Tao and The Grace’s Dana are expected to join the show in Solomon as well, raising viewers’ expectations. Also, Ryu Dam and Park Jung Chul are set to make their return to “Law of the Jungle” in the same upcoming episode, after taking a break.

Producer Kim Jin Ho will be directing once again, after also being in charge of “Law of the Jungle” in Borneo. The show’s production crew is expected to return to Korea on June 26, after exploring the Solomon Islands. The “Law of the Jungle” cast and crew will leave for the Solomon Islands in July to begin filming, and the episode is scheduled to air in August, following the completion of the show’s ‘Indian Ocean’ special.