Song Il Gook and His Triplets Join “Superman Returns”

With the announcement yesterday that actor Jang Hyun Sung and his two sons, Jun Woo and Jun Seo, are leaving the popular KBS child-rearing Sunday variety program “Superman Returns,” many viewers were wondering which new family will be filling in their space. It was announced today that fellow actor Song Il Gook and his triplets will be taking their place, starting July 6.

Actor Song Il Gook, most famous for his lead role in the 2006 MBC drama “Jumong,” is a father of male triplets whom were born in March 2012. Their names are Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. Their names are unique since “dae han min gook” is what you call the Republic of Korea in the Korean lanuage, and “man se” meanshurrah in Korean. If you say the triplets’ names in that order, you are also chanting “Republic of Korea, hurrah!”

Below are some pictures of the triplets with the actor that Song Il Gook uploaded onto his Twitter. We already have double the cute in Lee Hwi Jae‘s twins in “Superman Returns,” and now we have to prepare for a triple dose.

song il gook and triplets

song il gook and triplets 2