A Still of Kwon Sang Woo During the Shooting of “Temptation” Revealed

A still of Kwon Sang Woo shot during his filming of the upcoming SBS drama “Temptation” was revealed for the first time to the netizens today. The actor looked squeaky clean in a suit and was taking on the scene where his character Cha Seok Hoon gets ready for a job interview. 

On the completion of his first back at work, Kwon Sang Woo said, “I shot the episode nervously and now that I’m done I’m a bit dazed. The drama tells the story of people embroiled in love and conflict in various ways. I hope you guys will love it.”

The drama is about a poor and desperate man who is made an irreplaceable offer and then meets a variety of people and gets confronted in multiple hardships. The drama also stars Choi Ji Woo, Park Ha Sun, and Lee Jung Jin.

Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo are starring in a drama together for the first time since their very famous production “Stairway to Heaven” back in 2003. 

The drama will air its first episode on July 14.

Kwon Sang Woo Temptation still